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Location: Burgh, SUFFOLK
Legend: "Gally-Trot. This is the name of an apparition or cacodaemon, that has sorely frightened many people in the neighbourhood of Woodbridge. It sometimes assumes the shape of a dog; and gives chase to those whose alarm compels them to run. Its appearance is sometimes as big as a bullock - generally white - and not very definable as to outline. Its haunts are more particularly at a place called Bath-slough, meaning a slough or bog in the parish of Burgh. But the place in question is not in, or very near, that parish, nor is there any slough. I can make nothing of the name; nor much of the story, though I have heard it related by more than one person who had suffered from the apparition." (1)

A local man however recorded that the 'Galley Trot' (his spelling) haunted the area around the church. (2)

According to the archaeologist Sam Newton, "The hillside south-west of Burgh church across the Lark is known as 'Bath Hill, which suggests that the boggy valley below was 'Bath Slough'. (3) This would put it in the area of TM22265219.


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Place Name: 'Old English 'burg' = 'fort'.

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