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Location: Bawburgh, NORFOLK
Encounter: Mr. E. Ramsey of Bawburgh, then a young man, told how he was cycling home late on a moonlit night from a darts match in Norwich. As he got near his home village he saw, sitting by the signpost, "the biggest hound" that he'd ever seen, with eyes that "shone like coals of fire." Although nervous he passed the dog, but it didn't move. Putting on speed he went on by, but 1/2 a mile further on heard him approaching from behind, "his paws beating the grit road."

Although Mr. Ramsey thought the dog was coming for him, it went by him, "so close I could smell his rankness." When it was well in front the dog stopped suddenly beside a spinney, and stood in the middle of the road facing him, looking aggressive. Mr. Ramsey stopped and dismounted in fear, looking around for someone to help him, keeping the cycle between him and the hedge.

But just at that moment an unlit vehicle roared out of the spinney, "careering from side to side", and seemed to crash straight into the dog. Mr. Ramsey fell into the hedge with the cycle on top him, as the vehicle rushed by so close, and away up the lane out of sight. As the witness picked himself up, he was amazed to see the dog still standing there, as he was sure it had been struck.

His fear of the dog returned, but to his surprise it just turned, and vanished into thin air. Mr. Ramsey knew of the legends that anyone seeing this ghostly hound is a sign of death, either to the witness or his next of kin - but instead considered that it had saved his life on that night, since, if HE had been where the dog was, he would now be dead. Nevertheless, he did associate the dog's appearance with the death of his wife, two years afterward.

Source: Christopher Reeve: 'A Straunge and Terrible Wunder' (Morrow, 1988), p.67-8.
Comments: This probably took place in the early 20th century. Although the colour of the dog isn't given, from the context in which it is reported, it has to be black.
Place Name: Bawburgh - OE 'Beawa's fortified place/fort'

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