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Peddar's Way:


The pot of gold


A pot of gold is said to be buried somewhere along the Norfolk stretch of the Roman route known as Peddar's Way.


Source: The 'East Anglian Magazine', Vol.27 (Nov.1967-Oct.1968), p.107.



Pulham St. Mary:


Golden Cradle Moat


In the little hamlet of North Green in this parish is a circular medieval moat, that may be the site of a vanished manor (TM229886). There seems to be no surviving tale, but its local name of 'Golden Cradle Moat' strongly suggests that there may once have been a similar legend of a golden cradle being buried here, to that at East Harling and Sculthorpe.


Source: http://www.heritage.norfolk.gov.uk-Pulham



Secret tunnel


The 16th century Old Rectory in Church Close was divided into three properties in 1977. The part known as the Middle Rectory (TM211853) has long been rumoured to have a subterranean passage to the Guild Chapel built in 1401, that now forms a part of the Pennoyer Centre in the middle of the village, 100m west (TM209853).


Source: former webpage: http://media1.fineandcountry.com/property.pdf