The 'LANTERN' Archive


Many of the issues suffered from really poor printing. Not only is the text faint in places, but it's often printed 'on the skew'! I have to take the blame for many of these, as I was often the one printing them. My copies also haven't aged well, and they've often been scribbled upon.

Back in the early days of BSIG, we only had a stencil duplicator machine (or mimeograph), but even when we could afford photolitho, the results often weren't great. No PCs or desktop publishing back then!

Now that I have a new scanner, I've re-scanned every issue and tidied them up as best I could. Hopefully they'll be easier to read now, and I hope they provide a useful and quirky look back at a simpler time!



I'm not sure when it finally faded away, but from 1971 to the early 1980's, the Borderline Science Investigation Group (BSIG) was the premier organization investigating unexplained phenomena in East Anglia. Our quarterly journal was called 'Lantern', and we published 40 issues between the Winters of 1971 and 1982. As a founder member, I thought it only fitting to use some of the spare space on this website to store scans of each issue.

I no longer have a copy of No.1, and No.2 was so faintly printed (and in pale blue ink!) that it's unscannable. Previously I had only been able to show from No.8 onwards, as the first 7 issues were printed on the now-defunct 'foolscap' sized paper, before changing to the smaller A4. Now that I have a bigger and better scanner, all issues from No.3 to the last one are now available. With No.35, we changed from A4 to A5 format. To see the contents of each issue, click on the relevant cover image (or on the number if there's no cover available). The contents are stored as PDF files. If you haven't already got it, use the following link to download the free Adobe Reader software: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

I've given the titles of the main feature articles, but each issue also contains book and magazine reviews, comment, news round-ups, UFO reports, newspaper cuttings etc.


No. 3 Autumn 1973

UFO over Happisburgh

Secret Tunnels

The Rant Score Ghost

The Haunting of the Three Tuns

Local Curiosities

No. 4 Winter 1973-4

The Lowestoft Witches

The Ghost and the Stone

Local Curiosities

The New Hainford UFO

Essex Ghosts

The Magdalen Street Hauntings

No. 5 Spring 1974

Old Shuck at Great Yarmouth

Local Curiosities

Brush with a UFO?

A Ghost named George

The Day the Devil Came

No.6 Summer 1974

The Search for the Straight Track

Haunted Churches of East Anglia

Local Curiosities

The Bells of Dunwich

No. 7 Autumn 1974

The Good People (faeries)

The Carlton Colville Ghost

Local Curiosities

Mysterious Stones

No.8 Winter 1974-5

The Haunting of Glasshouse Row

Local Curiosities

More Mysterious Stones

Of Faery Folk....& Will o'the Wisp

No.9 Spring 1975

Ghosts of the Air

A Case of Psychic Photography?

More Than a Legend?

Suffolk Landscape Geometry

Local Curiosities


Lantern 10


No.10 Summer 1975

Signes from Heaven

Local Curiosities

Norfolk's Phantom Coaches

The Castle Acre 'Diamond'


No.11 Autumn 1975

Mysterious Stones part 3

Local Curiosities

UFOs Over Aldeby

19th Century 'Spookery'

Biorhythms & Psi pt 1

No.12 Winter 1975-6

Puddingstones at Coton

Biorhythms & Psi pt 2

Mystery Airplanes

Ghosts & investigations at Westwood Lodge

Mummified Cats

Local Curiosities

BSIG: the first five years


Lantern 13


No.13 Spring 1976

Timberrr....It's a Sea Serpent

The Puddingstone Track

Ghosts of 1975

Local Curiosities

The Strange Case of the 'Phantom Hedge'

More Early UFOs?






No.14 Summer 1976

Churchyard Chicanery

Local Curiosities

Stoned Again

Bealings Bells






Lantern 15


No.15 Autumn 1976

Fearefull & Terrible

Two Confirmed Hauntings

The Bury Zodiac pt 1

Local Curiosities

Cambridge Branch Report





Lantern 16


No.16 Winter 1976

Thoughts on the Puddingstone Track

Local Curiosities

2nd Hainford UFO Landing

North Walsham 'Batmobile' UFO

UFOs Don't Exist!

North Sea Mystery Flares


Lantern 17


No.17 Spring 1977

The Bury Zodiac pt 2

Air Mystery

East Anglian Fortean Miscellany

Luminous Owl at Hellesdon

A Voice in the Night

Local Curiosities


Lantern 18


No.18 Summer 1977

Invisible Friends

Black Shuck pt 1

East Anglian Fortean Miscellany

Local Curiosities

My First Occult Experience



Lantern 19


No.19 Autumn 1977

Stones & Things

Black Shuck pt 2

East Anglian Fortean Miscellany

A Tale of a Crossroads

'Spook all in Black' at Dereham


Lantern 20


No.20 Winter 1977

Black Shuck pt 3

A Suffolk Odyssey

An Antiquary's Ghost Story



No.21 Spring 1978

Tell It to the Bees

A Question of Definitions

Great Balls of Fire

The Kessingland UFO

No.22 Summer 1978

East Anglian Field Names

Secret Tunnels of Norfolk & Suffolk

No.23 Autumn 1978

Witchcraft in East Anglia

Recent Hauntings

Black Toby

Mystery Lights

Spellthorn No.1

No.24 Winter 1978

The Phantom House of Bradfield St George

Crossroad & Roadside Burials

Spellthorn No.2

No.25 Spring 1979

A Small Miscellany...of the 'Good People' of East Anglia

The Woodwose of Needham Market

Early East Anglian Antiquarians pt 1

Spellthorn No.3

No.26 Summer 1979

Old Blunderhazard part 1

Early East Anglian Antiquarians pt 2

The Bloody Hand

Spellthorn No.4

No.27 Autumn 1979

Tales of Witchcraft in Old Suffolk pt 1

Early East Anglian Antiquarians pt 3

Old Blunderhazard pt 2

Spellthorn No.5

No.28 Winter 1979

Swarms of Misery

The Secret of Kate's Parlour

Another 'Echo from the Past'

Tales of Witchcraft in Old Suffolk pt 2

Falling Frogs

Local Ley Lines No.1

Spellthorn No.6

No.29 Spring 1980

Folklore of the Hawthorn

Notes & Queries

Diary of a Haunting pt 1

Children's May Day Weddings

Cambridgeshire UFO Notes


No.30 Summer 1980

Local Ley Lines No.2

Notes from the Field

Diary of a Haunting pt 2

Malekin - a Suffolk Changeling

Old Scarfe

Notes & Queries

No.31 Autumn 1980

Local Ley Lines No.3

Notes & Queries

Diary of a Haunting pt 3

Tales of Witchcraft in Old Suffolk pt 3



No.32 Winter 1980

Early East Anglian Antiquarians pt 4

A Gaggle of Ghosts

No.33/34 Summer 1981 (double issue)

Could Become a Habit (ghosts)

The Norfolk Giant

Notes & Queries

Precognition in Animals

No.35 Autumn 1981

The Lound Moonraker

Notes from the Field

The Old man of Hopton pt 1

Notes & Queries

Do Things Go In Threes?

No.36 Winter 1981

The Old Man of Hopton pt 2

Notes & Queries

East Anglian Haunts No.1

Stonepix No.1

No.37 Spring 1982

Hoax of the Broads

Stonepix No.2

East Anglian Haunts No.2

No.38 Summer 1982

East Anglian Haunts No.3

Notes & Queries

The 'Mayfly' Myth

Stonepix No.3

No.39 Autumn 1982

A Devil's Shield

Notes & Queries

Stop That Noise!

No.40 Winter 1982

BSIG Investigates: Caravan B77

Humming Along

A Norfolk Poltergeist

East Anglian Haunts No.4

Tomorrow's UFOs?