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Kelvedon Hatch:


The ghost at the pond


Kelvedon Hall (TL558000) is a country house of the 18th century, but on the site of a much older building, and was once the manor house of the village. In the grounds is a pond, said to be haunted – though not lately – by the spirit of a suicide who died there in the 1930’s.


Source: Jessie K. Payne: ‘a Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Essex’ (Ian Henry Publications, 1987, p.137.





Secret tunnel


The Red Lion inn (TM220221) dates to at least the 16th, and possibly the 14th, century. As in many areas along the Essex coast, smuggling was a thriving business here, with a legendary tunnel for transporting contraband said to have lead north from the inn out to a secret spot in the marshes. Huguenot refugees of the early 18th century were also supposed to have used this tunnel, which was supposedly blocked up in 1946 - but it may just have referred to the track now called Malting Lane, which leads from beside the inn out to the sea-wall.


Source: Matthew Fautley & James Garon: 'Essex Coastline: Then & Now' (Potton Publishing, 2005), p.31-2.