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Howe Hill


This is the name of a Bronze Age bowl barrow, standing at TL695682 on Dane Hill, west of the church. At least until the 1930s, local children believed that those buried there had been slain in battle with the Danes.


Source: L. V. Grinsell: 'Folklore of Prehistoric Sites in Britain' (David & Charles, 1976), p.132.





Secret tunnel


From the northern edge of Kingston Wood a tree-covered hollow extends, known for some reason as Oliver Cromwell's Hole (TL326545). Locals tell of a tunnel running from here to the church of All Saints & St. Andrew (TL346554) in the village, 1.5 miles away.



Cromwell's crack


Cromwell was obviously thought to be roaming round this area, as the locals are supposed to have hidden the church's stained glass windows beneath the altar before he and his troops turned up - and the windows are still alleged to be there! The rather imposing octagonal 13th century font bowl is cracked nearly all the way round, said to have been caused by the hoof of Cromwell's horse.


Source: http://kingstonvillage.org.uk/documents/miscellaneous/Church%20Guide.pdf