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A Survey of Medieval (and earlier) Freestanding Crosses in Norfolk

Norfolk Cross Survey: Contents 

The Survey parish by parish


The survey is set in alphabetical order by parish, the names being those of the civil parishes current in 2020.


Norwich and Thetford - due to the large number of crosses within or on the boundaries of their environs- each has its own entry, organised differently.


Named crosses are in Bold, while locations in Bold Italics are links to other entries elsewhere in the survey.


Map references given are in relation to the Ordnance Survey National Grid. Where possible, these are ten digit references, which are accurate to within one metre (eight digits = 10 metres, six digits = 100 metres.)


All photographs and all measurements given were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


  A - B  (Ashwellthorpe to Burnham Thorpe)

C - D  (Caister-on-Sea to Dunton)

E - G  (Easton to Guestwick)

H - I    (Hales to Itteringham)

K - L  (Kelling to Ludham)

M - N  (Marham to North Wootton)


O - R  (Old Hunstanton to Runton)

S - T   (Salle to Terrington St. John)


T - W  (Thompson to Wormegay)


Abbreviations used in the Survey:


Cozens-Hardy:       Basil Cozens-Hardy: 'Norfolk Crosses' parts 1 & 2 (in 'Norfolk Archaeology' Vol.25, Part 2 (1933), pp.297-    318, and Vol.25, Part 3 (1934), pp.319-336.) 

Blomefield:             Francis Blomefield & Charles Parkin: 'An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk' (11 volumes, 1805-1810; originally published in 5 volumes, 1739-1775.) 

NHER:                     Norfolk Historic Environment Record. (An online version of the NHER database is available on the Norfolk Heritage Explorer at www.heritage.norfolk.gov.uk/)   

PastScape:             Historic England's database of the National Record of the Historic Environment: www.pastscape.org.uk/ 

Historic England:  The database of the National Heritage List for England: www.historicengland.org.uk/ 

NRO:                       Norfolk Record Office. 

Nat Arch, Kew:       The National Archives at Kew. 

OS:                          Ordnance Survey.