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The Puddingstone Track: Deconstructed

  Puddingstone Track



Bibliography and source material


Each section below is in approximate chronological order. There were undoubtedly other articles and letters by the Rudges in a multitude of newspapers and journals - such as one that I know about in 'Hertfordshire Life' magazine at some unknown date - but I've been unable to track them down.


Published letters, articles & books about the Track by the Rudges:


E.A. & E.L. Rudge: 'Evidence for a Neolithic Trackway in Essex' in 'Essex Naturalist' Vol.28, part 4 (March 1950.)

Letters between E.A. Rudge and A. Morley Davies in the 'Bucks Examiner' from 21/7/1950 to 8/9/1950.

E.A. Rudge: 'The Puddingstone Track' (text of lecture given to the Stable Bond, 15/12/1950.)

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E.A. Rudge: 'Further Observations on the Conglomerate Track' in 'Essex Naturalist' Vol.29, part 4 (1955.)

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E.A. Rudge (ed. John Cooper) 'The Lost Trackway' (Puddingstone Study Group, 1994.)



Published articles about or referring to the Track by others:


Anonymous: '5000 Year Old Track Found', in unknown London/Essex newspaper, 30/10/1949.

Anonymous: Report of lecture given by Rudge to the Brentwood Historical Society, in the 'Essex Chronicle' 24/11/1950.

Anonymous: 'Chesham Parish Church built on Pudding-stones' in the 'Bucks Examiner' 22/2/1952.

John Hillaby: 'Britons Say 'Evil' Pudding Stones Are Markers for a Neolithic Trail' in the 'New York Times' 9/7/1952.

Anonymous: 'Mysterious Trail' in 'Time' magazine, 28/7/1952.

John Hillaby: 'The Oldest Highway' in the 'London Evening News' 12/8/1952.

Anonymous: in 'The People' 9/11/1952.

S. Hazzledine Warren: 'The Conglomerate Track' in 'Essex Naturalist' Vol.29, Part 3(1954.)

Anonymous: 'Old Stone-Age man knew a thing or two' in the 'Bury Free Press' 27/8/1954.

T.P.C. Mulholland: 'An Ancient Track in St. Albans', in 'Herts Countryside' June 1963.

Jean Hynes: 'The Pudding Stone Trail' in 'East Anglian Magazine' Vol.26 (Nov.1966-Oct.1967.)

Nigel Pennick: 'The Puddingstone' Track in 'Lantern' magazine No.13 (Spring 1970.)

Nigel Pennick: in 'Geomancy' (Cokaygne Publishing, 1973.)

David Tyler: 'The pebbly conglomerate known as Herts puddingstone' in 'Herts Countryside' Aug. 1979.

Anonymous: Report of lecture given by John Catt to Cheshunt Nat. Hist. Soc., in the 'Lea Valley Mercury' 30/4/82.

Jean Gardner: 'The Stone Age remains in Hertfordshire' in 'Herts Countryside' March 1989.

Chris Beney: 'Herts. Puddingstone, an ancient Footpath marker?' in the Bushey Footpath Newsletter, 1998.



Published letters about or referring to the Track by others:


A.M. Davies: Letter entitled 'Those Pudding-stones' in the  'Bucks Examiner' 29/2/52.

D.A. Campbell: Letter in the 'Herts Advertiser' 17/4/1952.

A.M.Davies: Letter in the 'East Anglian Magazine' Vol.11 (Sept.1951-Oct.1952), July 1952.

Julia Wood: Letter entitled 'Legacy of the Ice Age?' in 'Essex Countryside' Vol.3, No.9 (Autumn 1954.)

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K. Dunbar: Letter in the 'Bucks Examiner' 7/7/1961.

Mr. Dover: Letter in 'Herts Countryside' May 1978.

R. Pilcher: Letter in the 'Chiltern News' (magazine of the Chiltern Society), 1982.



Other source or related material:


Letters between Dr. Rudge, Mrs R. Pilcher and others, along with press cuttings relating to the Puddingstone Track, held by Buckinghamshire Archives, Ref.D-X 931.              

Lilian Rudge: 'Pagan Stones and Essex Churches' in 'Essex Countryside' Vol.4, No.16 (Summer 1956.)

E.A. Rudge: 'The Legend of the Pagan Stone' in 'Essex Countryside' Vol.10, No.64 (May 1962.)

'The Puddingstone Trail - fact or fantasy?' on the Megalithic Portal website.


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